We see Jesus. Taproot Church believes Jesus Christ is the answer to everything, everywhere, for all peoples. All of humanity's woes are a direct result of our sin. Jesus is the answer to our sin. He lived the life that we could not live as our perfect representative before God the Father. He died the death we should have as our punished substitute so that we need not fear God's abandonment or anger. He rose from the dead as our conquering victor, assuring us that we too one day will rise from our own graves to live with Him in His kingdom for all eternity. Jesus is our vision.


Taproot organizes and makes disciples through three intertwined means of gathering.

  1. The Sunday Gathering is our time for celebrating the resurrection in song, coming under God's word as it is preached, and sharing in communion weekly.
  2. The Home Gatherings of Taproot are our smaller families within the greater family who come together in homes weekly to share a meal, fellowship, study the scriptures more in depth, and live our lives together.
  3. The New Gatherings of Taproot Church are our church plants. Healthy communities multiply. We intentionally pray for, train, and send church plant teams to go to new areas and plant new gatherings of God's people for His glory.
Join us for our Sunday Gatherings at 10am at the Burien Community Center. 
14700 6th Ave SW Burien 98166

To find and visit one of our Home Gatherings click here